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Honoring the request of Toru Namikoshi sensei Denis J Binks founded the European Shiatsu Association (ESA) in 1993. ESA is the umbrella organization for the associations of European Shiatsu therapists. The members are divided into sections and have their domiciles in Rome – Italy, Baarn – the Netherlands and Locarno – Switzerland.

Ever since the foundation these different sections regularly convene during workshops where they exchange the results of their treatments on a European level. Furthermore they organize refresher courses where European and Japanese Shiatsu-masters are invited to help expand a more in-depth knowledge and skill-set for the participating members.

We look forward to a future expansion of ESA when other therapist associations from France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain will be joining us.

In the Netherlands the section is a safe haven for Shiatsu therapists, where a deeper insight into therapy and humankind combined with a personal approach are considered of paramount importance.


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Dutch Shiatsu College
Kobayashi Medical Shiatsu Academy

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