About ESA-NL and Shiatsu

About ESA-NL and Shiatsu Namikoshi

The purpose and goal of the European Shiatsu Association Dutch Division is to promote and expand the quality and development of Shiatsu in the Netherlands. The main focus is on the Namikoshi Shiatsu which  was developed by the Japan Shiatsu College in Tokyo, Japan and is continuously being developed and fine tuned.

The association strives to reach this goal by:

  • By organizing workshops and refresher courses to maintain and intensify the quality of the knowledge and skills of Namikoshi Shiatsu therapists
  • To acquaint a larger number of people with Shiatsu through demonstrations at trade fairs, by giving lectures, writing articles and by referring clients to Shiatsu therapists who are members of the association
  • Collaborating with European Shiatsu organizations in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland
  • Exchanging results of the treatments on a national and international level
  • Organizing educational trips and international meetings in Europe and Japan
  • Doing research or having research done


TAO Shiatsu
Kobayashi Medical Shiatsu Academy

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